The founder of Loved Clothes approached us with the wish to create a webstore for used kids clothes. As a father of three he was looking for a website, where he could resell the top quality clothes, usually from renowned designers. He did not find a suitable channel in existing platforms. Either the second hand peer to peer platforms were too generic without a focus, or did not ensure the quality standards. Also Facebook did not work as desired. Thus Loved Clothes was born.

FundYou was founded in 2016 by Anders Lindberg. During the first year Monis has built the platform and the FundYou team has run several first crowdfunding campaigns. While maintaining the platform, we noticed that little qualified feedback reached us from the operative side and that the platform did not gain more than MVP status. Anders was very busy with his main professional career, leaving him little capacity to advance the FundYou platform after the initial starting period. In early 2019 we suggested developing the platform further. While building new features, Johannes Bohren is developing the business side. 

Different than any other existing second hand peer to peer platform Loved Clothes focuses on quality over price. The parents buying on Loved Clothes look for clothes with a quality brand. Sellers can only sell once vetted by the platforms admin, in order to avoid cheap low quality merchants populating the platform. The target group is brand lovers, who have the desire to reduce resource waste by buying and selling second hand clothes.

We have defined three main components, which allow FundYou to find its niche and eventually compete with incumbents.

Another innovation with this platform is that it offers designers a tool to engage with their most important customers. For small designers it also offers a sales and marketing channel.


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