Knighton House School is a Prep School for Girls in Dorset, UK. After having developed a very beautiful website with a local design agency, the management noticed that they were not to be found in search engines when using their target keywords. Since the environment for private prep schools is highly competitive in England and since the school also wishes to attract students from abroad, the situation was very unsatisfactory.

Iain Weatherby, with whom we have worked on other projects earlier, asked us to have a look. After an initial analysis we found some technical shortcomings of the website, which the design agency could alter without much effort. Once these changes have been done we started with SEO. 

After 3 months the goal was reached. At least ten of their main keywords rank within the top ten results on Google. All regional and many national competitors rank lower on the critical keywords. Since then the ranking has been kept stable, due to maintenance efforts and the busy content creation of Knighton House staff. Currently we are monitoring the situation and if the competition is catching up, action can be taken.


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