Crop’s is the market leader in frozen food products and a Belgian company. Different business units offer different products like vegetables, fruits, smoothies, bakery products, ready meals. Due to the organisational structure of the company the website structure was heterogeneous. Each business unit had their own domain and the websites were built with different technologies, due to changing solution providers. The website is not crucial for Crop’s market success, since products are sold only to resellers. However, the situation was not satisfactory anymore and Crop’s marketing unit decided to solve the situation.

The first step was to create a new website for the new Crop’s smoothie range. The design should then serve as a blueprint for the whole new website to be designed later. In cooperation with Weatherby Creatives we decided to build the website only on HTML without any backend structure and CMS. The features of the website are simple and the goal was to keep all options open for later features, like integrated intranet or e-commerce features.


The result was a beautiful website, which addresses the viewer senses and makes you hungry or thirsty respectively. With a similar goal and design the website of Crop’s UK was built. Please check out both websites and have a look at Crops-uk and Crop Smoothies.


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